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Mental Fitness Hacks – Tools to Bring Focus, Calm, & Peace

Simple Tricks to Ease Your Mental Burden

Meditation utilizes specific rhythms of the breath to quickly and easily eliminate stress, revitalize the nervous system, and bring greater clarity and focus to the mind. It does this by taking advantage of the natural connection that already exists between the body, breath, and mind.

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Breathing Practices and Guided Relaxations

Victory Breath (Manage Emotions, Rest)

Power Breath (Increase Energy & Focus)

Snake Breath (Settle the Mind)

Straw Breath (Calm and Focus) 

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Balance the Brain, Enhance focus and Performance, or Meditate)

Belly Breathing – The Real Deep Breath, Relax, Improve Respiratory Function

Be 100%

Body Scan Relaxation

Victory Breath

Four Sources of Energy

Brain Balance Breathing (Alternate Nostril)

Bee Breath (Centering, anti-anxiety)