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Welcome to FitDC

FitDC is a new, fresh health and wellness initiative conceived by Mayor Muriel Bowser to encourage all District of Columbia residents from Ward 1 to Ward 8 to get out, move more and adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. If you’re excited about health and wellness, then get on board! If you want to get healthier and make better lifestyle choices but need a bit of help or encouragement getting started, there’s support for you! There are lots of resources and programs in D.C. that help empower residents to improve their health and wellness.

FitDC Coaches Group Shot

To get things started!

Beginning this summer, FitDC is launching the FitDC Billion Steps Challenge. We want to inspire and motivate D.C. residents from across the city to participate in the challenge and join with their communities to walk: One Billion Steps! We know that’s a lot of steps, but by working together with initiative partners, community groups, neighbors and FitDC coaches, it can be done. Let’s take up this fitness challenge and see how long it takes D.C. to walk one billion steps!

FitDC is a joint initiative by the D.C. Department of Health and the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation.

What Do Our FitDC Coaches Say About FitDC?

  • I like working with people to help them improve their health and quality of life. I’m especially interested in executive wellness and seniors. Even a modest improvement in one’s physical activity can have a positive life effect.

    Darryl GarrettSenior Fitness Coach
  • As a FitDC Coach I want to help my community learn ways to lead better lifestyles using the resources available to them right in our neighborhoods.

    Christina AlexanderWard 7 Coach
  • I believe health and fitness is a right and not a privilege. I want to be a FitDC Coach because I see this position as a platform I can utilize to reach everyone, particularly those who feel a healthy lifestyle is unattainable.

    Marita Martina GumbsWard 1 Coach
  • Being a FitDC coach will allow me to join Mayor [Muriel] Bowser’s vital initiative to encourage healthy lifestyles by making fitness fun and attainable at all ability levels and ages.

    Carrye BrownWard 4 Coach

FitDC Upcoming Events

  • Crankin Fitness September 27, 2016
  • Crankin Fitness October 4, 2016
  • Crankin Fitness October 11, 2016
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