Promoting wellness and true fitness for every body

Mayor Muriel Bowser launched the FITDC campaign to empower residents to take control of their health and promote wellness and true fitness for every body, mind, and community in the District.

Powered by AETNA, a CVS company, and executed by the Department of Parks and Recreation, FITDC is an ongoing compaign that features:

  • Online and in person nutritional information and classes, as well as community workouts for all ages and fitness levels
  • Monthly mental fitness hacks, stress management tools, and good habits to adopt for the mind
  • Events that unite and inspire communities to be the best versions of their unique selves.

The “3” in FITDC is intended as a reminder and a call-to-action for the District to take control of their total health picture and be intentional about making positive health decisions that affect their body, mind, and community.

Join the movement and be a champion on 3.