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Five Reasons You May Feel Tired

Your diet may not be giving you enough energy. 

Extreme exercise isn’t the only explanation for your body to be super tired. A lack of vitamin D and vitamin B12 in your diet can have your muscles feeling exhausted. When you have a vitamin D shortage, you can experience muscle weakness and muscle loss. Vitamin B12 is present in eggs, tuna, dairy products, and cereal. Discovering foods that contain these vitamins can be challenging for plant-based eaters, so supplements might be required. Also, try incorporating more water into your diet. 

You eat a big meal right before bed or be going to bed hungry. 

Eating a big meal before bed is probably not a good idea. A full stomach can affect your sleep quality. So eating something heavy and greasy right before you go to bed may not be the best option to help you get a good night’s rest. “If you have a heavy meal right before bedtime, you’re more likely to experience GERD or heartburn,” Dr. Salas notes, and waking up to that burning sensation in your chest is extremely displeasing, leaving you fatigued in the following day. 

Going to Bed Late. 

Normally, staying up too late can make you feel tired all the time. For some, a common struggle is feeling exhausted from the day but wanting to stay up late because it’s the only way to get a little time to yourself. ” It’s called revenge bedtime procrastination, and it’s not good for your sleep. But trying to stick to a routine sleep schedule can help you sleep better. 

You’re exercising too little or too much. 

It makes sense that working out too much can lead to massive fatigue, especially if you don’t give yourself a couple of days to rest. However, did you know not exercising enough can also make you feel tired? It’s because regular exercises help increase your energy levels. Working out can also help lower your stress and anxiety levels.  

Pandemic fatigue is Real. 

There are multiple effects of the pandemic that we are still encountering. For example, according to the American Medical Association, pandemic exhaustion is called burnout or COVID-19 fatigue. This happens due to the buildup of COVID-19 impacts, such as seclusion, wearing masks, social distancing, and even Zoom fatigue.  

Should I be worried if I’m always tired? 

Feeling tired all the time has several effects on your body and mind. Here’s another surprising fact: Sleep deprivation can impair you so significantly; it’s like you’ve been drinking. According to the CDC, being awake for 17 hours (or more) can have the same impairment effects as having a blood alcohol content of 0.05%. So, being tired isn’t just bothersome; it can be downright detrimental.