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How to Get Rid of the Sunday Scaries for Good

Maybe it’s nine am on Sunday morning when you realize the following day at the same time you will be back to the daily grind. Maybe it hits you later Sunday afternoon when a cloud of dread overcomes you. Or maybe you experience Sunday night anxiety. In any case, you’re not alone! 

A vast majority of Americans report feeling the Sunday scaries. Since no one wants to spend any of their precious time off from work feeling miserable, we have some helpful tips you can use to beat the Sunday blues. Let’s tame this weekly monster!

Sunday anxiety and the week ahead

The fact that a job is something often done out of necessity and obligation probably contributes to anxiety about the week ahead. Add potential traffic and other stresses and it’s no wonder most of us dread the work week. Scary Sundays are legit. 

One piece of advice that may help you avoid Sunday anxiety is to structure your weekend one of two ways. You can use Saturday as your day of R&R and Sunday to tackle your to-do list, which not only serves as a distraction, but possibly a better transition into the work week. OR you can reverse this plan and commit to 100% relaxation on Sunday, doing only the things you enjoy. 

Find out which plan works best for you. Small steps like this can start you on the path to less stress and anxiety.

Tips to get rid of the Sunday scaries for good

Disconnect to reconnect

How many of us bring work home, or if we work from home we work any and all hours? How many of us keep our phones close by just in case a message from work comes in? It’s no wonder we’re anxious about going back to work. We haven’t disconnected from being at work in the first place. 

Setting aside some time with clear boundaries allows us to recover, refresh, and reconnect with ourselves. Turn off your phone, or at least pause notifications for a block of time so you can completely disconnect. 

Move your body

Transforming Sunday scaries can also happen by moving your body. Stress and anxiety can be released through brisk walking, dancing, or even taking a yoga class. If you simply can’t squeeze in these types of activities on the weekend, schedule it for Monday after work. Something to look forward to!

Passion-focused activities

So maybe you don’t love your job so much. And maybe a job change isn’t in the cards right now. That’s ok. It is what it is, aka the present moment is inevitable. But that doesn’t preclude the possibility of pursuing a passion outside of work hours. 

Hobbies and community service can often fill the void of a lackluster job. When we feel a sense of purpose we automatically feel good, even energized! Your upcoming week won’t be filled with the feeling of impending doom if you’re looking forward to meaningful activities. Even better, include your friends in these plans.

Breathing room

Sometimes the term self-care gets a bad rap. There’s no need to feel guilty for taking special care of ourselves, nor is there any reason to judge anyone for taking the time and space they need. We all need a little breathing room to make sure we are our best selves.

Meditation and breathing exercises literally give us the breathing room we all need. In fact, relieving stress is easy with breathwork and meditation. Check out this app loaded with stress-relieving, easy-to-do guided meditations. For the best breathing technique around, keep reading!

Something you can do this Sunday afternoon

If you really want to make a difference in the long term, spend your next Sunday afternoon attending a free introductory breath and meditation session learning about the SKY Breath Meditation course. 

I took SKY back in 1995. Since then my daily SKY practice has made a significant difference in the quality of my life no matter what job I have been working (some good jobs, some not-so-good jobs). Here are some benefits participants report and research backs-up: 

  • Significantly decreased anxiety
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Significantly decreased depression
  • Deeper rest during sleep
  • Greater mental focus
  • Enhanced optimism
  • Healthier blood pressure
  • Increased joy

Sunday scaries just disappear when you can relax and fully recharge every day with SKY. No more waiting for weekends to let go of anxiety and stress. Simply enjoy every moment of every day and forget about the Sunday scaries!

This article was originally posted and created by our partners at SKY Breath Mediation.