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FITDC Weekly Offerings

FITDC has partnered with local businesses and instructors to make FITDC classes available all week. We want you to have the ability to improve your health and wellness whenever you have time, so providing convenient, high-quality classes and sessions is our main goal! Check out what you can do each day with FITDC.


DC Social Run – Pacers 14th Street | 6:30PM


DC Social Run – Pacers Navy Yard | 6:30PM

SKY Breath Meditation Breathwork Course – Online | 7:30PM


Sky Breath Meditation Healing Conversations – Online | 8PM


Pacers Learn To Run – Banneker Track | 6:30PM


FreeStyle DanceFit Class – Howard Theatre | 11AM

Learn more about all these options:

Dance Classes

Group Runs/Learn To Run

SKY Breath Mediation Courses