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Five Activities to Relieve Stress

Summer is usually considered a fun and relaxing time of the year, but the hidden stresses of the season can sneak up on you, just like the humidity and heat. Finding childcare for your kids while on break, planning summer vacations, and keeping up with family commitments can take its toll on you and leave you feeling overwhelmed and the complete opposite of “relaxed”. Check out a list of five ways to help relieve stresses this summer.

Take a Dip 

On a hot summer day, swimming is a great way to relax and socialize with family and friends or get in some movement before your weekend. Swimming releases “feel good” hormones in your brain that help reduce stress. Take a refreshing dip in one of DPR’s 24 public pools to get a true taste of a stress-free summer. See the full list of locations HERE.

Experience Oxon Run Trails  

Oxon Run Park is a recreational park in Southeast Washington, D.C., that features sports areas, trails, playgrounds and the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. The Trails at Oxon Run offer 3.4 miles of trail on both sides of the park from South Capitol Street SE to 13th Street SE. This is a gorgeous and peaceful place to get in some steps, connect with nature, and reflect on your day. Check out the trails HERE.

Enjoy a Day Out with Friends

One of the benefits of living in DC during the summer months is the endless list of exciting events and activations in the District. Spending time with friends and loved ones helps lighten the mood and makes you feel happier overall. It also helps lower your risk of dementia and promotes a sense of safety and security within your friendships. Plan a lunch date with friends over in the Union Market District, or hang out on the water in The Wharf.

Visit an Exibit

Exposure to art can help reduce the production of the cortisol hormone which directly affects your stress levels as well as decrease the feelings of depression and anxiety while increasing creativity and emotional intelligence.  A peaceful walk through a quiet museum can help you clear your mind and recenter. The Smithsonian American Art Museum, National Gallery of Art, D.C. Alley Museum, Renwick Galler of the Smithsonian, and the Hirshhorn Museum are all free and open to the public for your peaceful viewing pleasure, not to mention a great way to escape the summer heat for a few hours.

Take a Calming Course

When a break is needed but you don’t have the energy to leave the house, take a Sky Breath Meditation online course. Breathwork is the ultimate way to find your zen, connect with others, help reduce stress levels, boost immunity, and increase confidence. Check out these free courses every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, along with monthly three-day courses to help take your practice to a new level. Check out more information HERE.