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HerStory 5k Training Program

Pacers Running Herstory 5K Training Plan In Collaboration with FITDC

Join Pacers Running and FITDC for a four-week 5k training plan for runners of all skill levels, including new runners. The training program will culminate in the free, FITDC HerStory 5K!

Elements of the Training Plan:

  • –  3 planned runs weekly: Monday Social Run at Pacers 14th (Mondays) at 6:30 pm and track on Thursday at Banneker Community Track at 6:30pm, and Saturdays on your own!
  • –  Monday runs are focused on base mileage: easy to moderate pace runs focused on building an endurance base.
  • –  Thursday Track workouts are focused on gaining speed and really challenging ourselves on shorter intervals! (your goal 5kpace and FASTER!)
  • –  Saturday Runs are on your own and will continue to help you build a base to get to your 5K goal, whether that is finishing the5K or a new PR!Track Etiquette:
  • –  Share the track: Run on the inside, pass on the outside, ALWAYS LEAVE SPACE FOR OTHERS TO PASS YOU!
  • –  Walking and Recoveries should happen in the outside lane or grass.
  • –  Move out of the way as soon as you finish; NEVER stop on the track, Never walk on inside lanes.Track basics:
  • –  1 lap of a standard track is 400 meters or 1⁄4 of a mile. This makes it easy to gauge pace during speed days!
  • –  Our track workouts will often reference “goal pace” for your 5k. This is the minutes per mile pace that you are shooting for onrace day. We will often alternate between reps at your goal pace and reps FASTER than your goal pace. The purpose of this is to help you learn to “feel” the pace you hope to race at AND to build speed and endurance.

Check out the entire program here and save and download to your phone so you can follow each week!