Grocery 101 with Allison Seymour & Marc Clarke

Trying to eat healthy can seem impossible sometimes, especially when you’re spending more time at home, and being less active. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Join Allison Seymour, Marc Clarke, and Giant Foods certified nutrition expert, Jillian Griffith, as they break down the grocery store like never before.

Learn how to build the perfect plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and create the foundation for a healthy diet using the foods you love. Turns out, eating healthy is easier than you think.


Every time you go shopping for food, make sure that ¼ of your selections are a good source of protein. It’s healthy to consume protein every time we eat.


Fruits and vegetables are absolutely key to fueling our bodies. Loading up on produce and making sure that ½ of your plate consists of something fresh, that grows from the earth, is a good way to sustain a strong immune system, and undo the damage of those not-so-healthy foods that we love to indulge in.


Whole grains are the priority. There’s no need for fancy diets that eliminate things like cereal, rice, and pasta entirely. In other words, carbs are OK. You can maintain a healthy diet simply by targeting grain-based foods that are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins.


It’s simple, drink water, lots of it. 8 ounces, 8 times a day. A simple hydration solution that will keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.

Guiding Stars

Look for the stars! On your next Giant visit, you can use the Guiding Stars rating system to identify healthy food options and ingredients to incorporate into your daily diet. Use this tool to simplify things in the grocery store and make better decisions.